Sustainable data mining
a technological approach to aggregate company-level sustainability data automized

What is sustainable Data Mining?

Sustainable Data Mining (SDM) is like Data Mining but with domain knowledge in the field of sustainability as a major component. Sustainability experts work closely together with data scientists to process publicly available data to provide easily understandable, specific sustainability information.

This data technology collects, analyses and manages companies' sustainability efforts, available on the web. SDM is able to extract information, to determine data quality, and to benchmark to data of similar companies. By including sources like social media, satellite images and other open data sets, SDM predicts information that goes even beyond the companies own knowledge.

What are the business benefits of SDM?

Sustainable data mining makes it possible to integrate sustainability data automatically in business decisions like SCM and CSR tasks, which makes organizations more profitable, flexible and responsive. It drastically speeds up data acquisition and processing time. SDM enables to reach sustainability targets efficiently.

SDM is noninvasive and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate sustainable actions. Hence it’s ideal for automating workflows that involve big data sets such as sustainable procurement, sourcing or collaboration.

Why is SDM transformative?

SDM technology is changing how businesses decide on their supply chains. It turns getting basic certifications from handwritten formulas to getting an estimation on how a company drives sustainability and therefore how profitable it remains in the future. It's not only about greater meaningfulness, but experts are released from inefficient process tasks and can focus on the things they do best and enjoy more: creating innovative world-class supply chains.

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Is SDM the same as AI ?

SDM is not artificial intelligence but it serves as a foundation for it. Connecting SDM to AI unlocks massive new possibilities for enterprises everywhere. And at a time when companies need to accelerate their integration of AI as well as sustainability into front-line operations and decisions, SDM can serve as the key for AI-operationalzation and to reach sustainability goals.

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